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Supplier Diversity Vendor Database

Fostering partnerships that contribute to the growth and success of minority-, women-, and disadvantage-owned businesses.

Purchasing Policy

Bushkill Group is proud to provide an equal opportunity purchasing environment. We are fully committed to working with minority-, women-, and disadvantage-owned business enterprises providing any product or service from any location.

  • If you are not already in our MBE/WBE/DBE vendor database, you will be required to submit certification of affiliation with any bid.

  • All bids from responsive and responsible vendors will be reviewed by our purchasing department and the department in need of the goods or services.

  • After review, such bids are selected based on pricing, specification match, quality and any necessary licensing or regulatory qualifications. A purchase order is then generated. MBE, WBE and DBE businesses will be given full consideration based on these criteria.

How to Register with Us

You can begin the application process by visiting the Bushkill Group website at www.BushkillGroup.com. Click on the “Diversity Registration” link and complete the vendor profile form.

Once we receive your completed profile and a copy of your current certification document, we will forward you an acknowledgement of receipt. A member of our purchasing department may then contact you.

How to find out about bid opportunities

For information on bid opportunities, simply call our central purchasing department at (570) 588 6661 (ext.2303).

Does Bushkill Group only work with large suppliers?

Bushkill Group works with vendors of all sizes. In fact, we have found it particularly rewarding in the past when developing business relationships with small or newly established vendors and helping them experience growth and prosperity.

Does Bushkill Group require its suppliers to be based in the Northeast Pennsylvania area?

No. We currently do business with local, regional, national and international suppliers. General contractors and sub-contractors do however need to be licensed by the state in which the project is located.

Is certification required in order to participate in our Supplier Diversity Program?

The Bushkill Group Supplier Diversity Program is exclusively for bona-fide minority-, women-, and disadvantage-owned business enterprises. We therefore require certification from all vendors prior to participation.

Any recognized U.S. certifying agency including, but not limited to the following can certify your business:

  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council - (202) 872 5512

  • The Minority Supplier Development Council - (215) 569 1005

  • Women's Business Enterprise Council for PA/NJ/DE - (215) 790 9232



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