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Supplier Diversity Vendor Database

Things We Buy

Bushkill Group is proud to provide an equal opportunity purchasing environment. We are fully committed to working with minority-, women-, and disadvantage-owned business enterprises providing any product or service from any location.

  • FOOD & BEVERAGE - Canned Goods, Bakery Items, Poultry, Meat, Produce, Dry Goods, Frozen Products, Dairy Products, Seafood, Condiments, Vending Products, Ethnic Foods, Specialty Items, Coffee, Tea, Beer, Water, Soda, Juices

  • RETAIL - Gifts, Jewelry, Groceries, Print Media, Apparel, Cosmetics, Logo Apparel, Toys & Games, Swimwear, Winter and Skiwear, Souvenirs, Golf Equipment, Accessories, Bundled Firewood, Art

  • FF&E - Carpet, Furniture, Glass & Mirrors, Wood and Tile Flooring, Upholstery, Wall Coverings, Artwork, Drapery, Light Fittings

  • OPERATING SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT - Cleaning Equipment & Supplies, Office Supplies, Radios/Beepers, Uniforms, Guest Room Amenities, China, Glassware, Silverware, Arcade Prizes, Resort Supplies, Linens, Kitchen Supplies, Audio Visual Equipment, Computer Equipment and Software, Banquet Equipment, Signage, Food & Beverage Disposables, Security/Surveillance Equipment, Vehicles, Plant and Machinery, Swimming Pool Supplies, Snow and Ice Melt, Tools

  • CONSTRUCTION- Lumber, Drywall, Plumbing Supplies, Electrical Supplies, Demolition, Concrete, Landscaping, Construction Equipment, Painting, Life and Fire Safety Products

  • GENERAL SERVICES- Advertising, Printing, Freight, Decorating, Consulting

  • ...and more...

For more information, contact:

Bushkill Group Purchasing Department
PO Box 447, Rt.209
Bushkill, PA 18324
Tel: (570) 588 6661
Fax: (570) 588 1868



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